Human and Environmental Health Protection

You do not have to do anything more energtic than simply move through your day to be exposed to a multitude of environmental toxins from Airborne and Waterborne Pollutants, EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields), Endocrine disruptors to Pesticides and Heavy Metals affecting the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat.

 Water Needs

The total amount of water in a man of average weight (70 kilograms) is approximately 40 litres, averaging 60 percent of his total body weight. In a newborn infant, this may be as high as 75 percent of the body weight,  Read more


Water Resources

So where is Earth's Water for all our needs? Notice how the world's total water supply of about 332.5 million cubic miles of water, over 96 percent is saline. And, of the total freshwater, over 68 percent is locked up in ice and glaciers. Read more ...


Lifestyle Analysis will pinpoints the strength & weaknesses of your body and will give you recommendations which of ten body systems needs immediate attention and support with one of the key system products or start one of the programmes for health improvements. Read more ...


Our body's essential functions are in direct influence of air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat. 'Let the food be your medicine' was an old saying by Hippocrates (source: 424 B.C Hippocrates). famously known as 'Father of medicine'. It is hard to say how far we are going away from this simple sentence but since 2000 more then 65 % of British public took it seriously and start using food supplements. So, Why we need food supplements?  Read more ...



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